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Ghazala submitted a new recipe:
Recipe of Sugar Free Bread Halwa
Method : 1.Cut the edges of bread slices and remove the brown part . 2.Crumble the bread to make fine powder . 3.In a separate bowl whisk eggs till fluffy . 4.Add whisked eggs to crumbled bread and...
18 December 2015, 18:12
Ghazala submitted a new recipe:
Home Made Doughnut Recipe
Method: 1.Make the milk lukewarm 2.Add sugar , salt , dry active yeast to white flour. 3.Bring butter to normal temperature and add to flour . 4.Add luke warm milk to this mixture and make a soft  dough. 5.Knead for...
12 December 2015, 15:12
Ghazala submitted a new recipe:
Palak paratha
Method: 1. Wash and chop spinach leaves. 2. In a mixing bowl add wheat flour , salt , saunf , spinach leaves , little ghee /oil  and knead the flour adding little water. 3. Make equal sized balls from...
12 December 2015, 15:12
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