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  1. Free Recharge of ₹1lakh
  2. Once you submit ,your recipe is in the status of Pending Review,if your recipe follows our Contest terms and conditions it will be published,Multiple entries are allowed,Photos are Mandatory for each recipe.
  3. Each Recipe will get 10 points, For Getting 20Rs recharge you should post at least two recipes (Needed 20 Points), And share it in your Facebook
  4. Last date for this offer is 31-October-2015
  5. Please read the Contest terms & conditions before participating


Contest terms & conditions

  1. The recipe should be the participant’s ORIGINAL work and not copied, they can however take inspiration from anyone else’s work (this must be clearly stated at the time of submission)
  2. It is compulsory for the recipe to be accompanied by an original photograph/photographs and not downloaded from the Internet. If found to be downloaded from the Internet, or plagiarised from somebody, it will be the sole responsibility of the participant. The recipe will be taken off from SpiceSnack immediately.
  3. The contest is open to all individuals across the world. Please provide us with a valid contact number to Free Recharge.
  4. Participants or organising bodies that demotivate, defame or abuse any participant will be promptly removed.
  5. SpiceSnack reserves the right to extend the deadline for participation.
  6. Participates will receive recharge amount  within 2 days from the date of announcement, provided the correspondence details are shared with us on time.
  7. Participates will be notified via email, phone number for further correspondence.
  8. is not responsible for participants not being able to understand the contest mechanics, or their misinterpretation of the same.
  9. The entries submitted by participants which include recipes and images may be used by for publicity purposes in future.
  10. By entering, you agree to these terms and conditions. All entrants and Participates waive any and all rights of claim with regard to the contest against


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